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Regional Partnership Programme

Compare Vehicles Regional Partners Programme

We have been established to disrupt the existing retail vehicle market and deliver a new and exciting concept that always puts the client first and fully supports our network of partners. By delivering a genuine 'all of market' offer, we provide both private and business clients with a single point from which to secure their perfect vehicle(s). Unlike many companies that claim to offer something similar, we are not directly associated with one or more vehicle brands so our focus is 100% on our clients and on securing the best opportunities from a huge range of suppliers based throughout the UK. As an additional benefit to our clients, we have also built, and continue to develop, relationships with highly respected local businesses in addition to extremely driven and talented entrepreneurs. The purpose of doing so is simple: We wish to deliver a nationally sourced product through local trusted partners. By working hand in hand with our partners we provide them with the ability to satisfy any vehicle requests from within their local community. Whether you are looking to add to your existing offer or start your own successful business, we are here to support you through every stage of your journey and help your clients…..Compare Vehicles.

The Opportunity

This opportunity provides not only a incredibly cost effective way of starting your own business, it also allows you the opportunity to work within your local area, cultivating and developing relationships that you have worked hard to establish.Given that there are over 37 million vehicles currently registered for use on UK roads and there are in excess of 45 million active driving records there is a huge opportunity to be realised. You are about to operate in a market where nearly 60% of the people you meet are likely to use a vehicle in some capacity either personally or professionally and nearly 70% of everyone you meet will hold a licence, meaning they are likely, if not already, looking to use a vehicle.The benefits that a personal service, offered through a local business ,cannot be overstated and it is this simple principle that has guided the development of our Compare Vehicles regional network.

What Next?

If you are interested in starting your journey with Compare Vehicles you will want to know what happens next.

The first step is to get more information from us on the programme, what it costs and more importantly what you can achieve both personally and financially.

To request our initial information pack just email and we will send this to you.

Get ready to join the new vehicle revolution with

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Posted on 2nd November 2017 at 1:04 PM

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